Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is a 30.4 mile ride. It will be a "good" ride if I am still riding my Bontranger mountain bike haha. I will have a messenger bag full of food and clothes and maybe a sleeping bag.

I am only able to attend the last two days of TIFY (29th & 30th). I've got to save some money and I need to keep working so I will have to made dew with those days. Hopefully I can keep myself from buying everything I want. I do have a lot of money, but it all goes to paying off school.

-t legs

Saturday, December 6, 2008

algiecad and some other news

first thing's first. this is an awesome band

but that's obviously true, even without my input. let's use some context clues.
a.) the singer is wearing what appear to be alien glasses. which makes him an alien or else at least cosmically connected.
b.) there is a man screaming at the drumset on the right hand side. or vomiting lightning.
c.) the child of jeff goldblum and satan managed to make it out to the show (see this creature on the very left)
d.) it's packed
e.) they're playing in a tiny venue
f.)tyler legacy is there? what the hell? (see to the right of the singer's head with the glasses and closed eyes)

so if you had any doubts to algernon cadwalladers greatness, i hope i managed to dispel them.

in yabai related news, we are having a critical mass on friday, december 12th. meet at painter's park mural as usual. (meeting at taco bell didn't work like it should have, no one showed besides ramon and glenn and whilst waiting i ended up riding in circles in the parking lot and entertaining the people waiting for the votran for a good 45 minutes.) it's a day after my birthday so i'm not sure i can make it out with my sisters being in town. and of course, yabai friends, feel free to change the date.