Sunday, May 10, 2009


yesterday's ride was deadly! and by this there were no fewer than three bike-on-bike collisions, and one was a three bike pileup caused by yrs truly. that 3 biker crash managed to bend tyler and chelsie's rims, so the seven of us hung out on this classy residential median near stone street trying to get cars to slip on bananas and riding bikes backwards and having bike races while bailey took the two damaged rims to bike shop teddy for some quick fixing. while he as out olias and i picked up some bananas and oranges from his house, and we cam back and rolled out to beresford trail. i love said trail...something about being between the railroad tracks and the forest and the river makes me feel right at home, some time in the 1800s, being fugitives on horseback or maybe those sweet bikes with the massive front wheels from that time. the water was cold and foreboding but we all jumped in and met up with zach canova and glenn. the boil now has two downed trees for chilling pleasure. we hung around talking and enjoying ourselves, and despite our fears we swam back after drying so nicely on the trees, and bailey and i headed out while chris, olias, josh, chelsie, and tyler piled their bikes into chelsie's mom's pickup and went to deland. great ride! i'm excited to welcome two new and hopefully regular riders, chelsie and josh. another ride soon? where to? hit me!


Monday, May 4, 2009