Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is a 30.4 mile ride. It will be a "good" ride if I am still riding my Bontranger mountain bike haha. I will have a messenger bag full of food and clothes and maybe a sleeping bag.

I am only able to attend the last two days of TIFY (29th & 30th). I've got to save some money and I need to keep working so I will have to made dew with those days. Hopefully I can keep myself from buying everything I want. I do have a lot of money, but it all goes to paying off school.

-t legs

Saturday, December 6, 2008

algiecad and some other news

first thing's first. this is an awesome band

but that's obviously true, even without my input. let's use some context clues.
a.) the singer is wearing what appear to be alien glasses. which makes him an alien or else at least cosmically connected.
b.) there is a man screaming at the drumset on the right hand side. or vomiting lightning.
c.) the child of jeff goldblum and satan managed to make it out to the show (see this creature on the very left)
d.) it's packed
e.) they're playing in a tiny venue
f.)tyler legacy is there? what the hell? (see to the right of the singer's head with the glasses and closed eyes)

so if you had any doubts to algernon cadwalladers greatness, i hope i managed to dispel them.

in yabai related news, we are having a critical mass on friday, december 12th. meet at painter's park mural as usual. (meeting at taco bell didn't work like it should have, no one showed besides ramon and glenn and whilst waiting i ended up riding in circles in the parking lot and entertaining the people waiting for the votran for a good 45 minutes.) it's a day after my birthday so i'm not sure i can make it out with my sisters being in town. and of course, yabai friends, feel free to change the date.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Food Not Bombs 1st feeding 11/22/08

To prepare for our FNB feeding, the night before Jess, Ramon, and Chris came over to my house. We cooked falafel, spaghetti, a huge bunch of rice, some noodles out of a package, and some Amy's macaroni and cheese. The next day, with the help of Bailey and his dad's van, we managed to cart that food and lots of bagels and applesauce and food Chris had brought, to Sunflower Park. With Joe, Chris, Dylan, and me setting up at this point, the prospects looked great. We put a table up under the pavilion at Sunflower park, laid out the food and the silverware and plates and washcloths, and milled around, eating our own food and waiting. I left with Joe to get a banner out of his car to spraypaint a FoodNotBombs logo on in order to attract more people, and when we came back about six or seven friends had shown up. It was cool having a crowd, especially a crowd of friends, eating and talking and having a good time. The spraypainted sign idea sort of failed (it looked really sloppy and unprofessional). Any attempts to spraypaint on vinyl should be avoided. Afterward, packing up this stuff was hard because of our lack of Bailey and his vehicle. We sort of just piled it into Joe's car for a while. We need a FoodNotBombs-specific vehicle. And next time I'm sure if we'd had a sign we'd have more people, lots more. It was a good day and I was surprised to see it work out like it did. The next feeding will be bumpin'. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Criticism? Send them my way!


Thursday, November 13, 2008


a mission statement for deland food not bombs i thought up this morning, goes a little something like this...

to give out free, enriching meals while, and i stress this, while not being or becoming self-righteous assholes about it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008



Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spoke-punching good time 11/15/08

With jack o' lanterns slowly sagging in the sun and and the great month of November ushering in an air of festivity, DeLand Critical Mass is almost upon us once again.
But this time we're changing things a bit!
For starters, we're going to have a destination this time- Lake Woodruff! It's near Deleon Springs, so the ride won't be ridiculously long or terribly short. Gnarly!
And we're having it on a Saturday!
And it's in the daytime!
And, possibly most importantly, it's a Food Not Bombs benefit ride! This means it's a normal ride, but instead of just bringing snacks for you and the crew, you also bring one or two cans of any vegetarian (we'd love it to be vegan which means no dairy or animal products whatsoever, but if that doesn't work for you vegetarian is fine) food for our food not bombs feeding at the Art Festival in downtown Deland on the 22nd. So bring a can and let's ride! Nuff Said!
Alternatively, we REALLY NEED pots, pans, forks and spoons, and washcloths, so if you have any of those things at hand bring 'em too!

MEETING AT: The Taco Bell parking lot by Blockbuster and in the same lot as Publix (by Internation Boulevard) in northern Deland.
TIME: 4:30 pm
BRING: One or two cans of vegetarian food OR any pots/pans/utensils/other supplies listed above.
DESTINATION: Lake Woodruff

Oh, and I'm typing with capitals! I don't know if i like it or not. We'll see.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FOOD NOT BOMBS 11/22-11/23

hello friends! over the past few days chris, tyler, and i have been contemplating deland fnb stuff and we've decided to have our first feeding at the DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts in Sunflower Park! this will take place on a saturday, the 22nd of november, and the friday night before we'll be having an all night (well, you can go to sleep whenever you want to) cooking session at my house in orange city! so far we're going to try to keep the food simple and ready to eat without heating due to the distance between my house and downtown deland. so far i'm going to make vegan pumpkin muffins and our friend paige is making vegan cookies. i think a week or so before the 21st we'll have a bike ride with a canned food drive, that is, bring a can of vegetarian food with you to the ride! anything you can think of to cook let me know and we can work out obtaining ingredients. let's try to keep it vegetarian if at all possible. fall themed stuff would be cool too, but good old rice and beans is always a heaty meal. so let me know if you're interested and i can show you my address and we can get planning some food creating! saturday morning we'll load up, possibly in thomas' car and some of us may bike as well, and head to deland sometime in the morning. heres some non-food stuff we need...
-3 big buckets for rinsing plates and stuff (thomas might have this covered)
-any number of big pots or pans to serve from
-any number of ladles or big spoons
-lots of forks and spoons!
-a table. the cheap folding kind works, but anything else you can think of you be cool too!
-serving dishes

let me know if you have anything or are interested, or anything else!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

actual meeting?

yeah, one's in order! though i did love riding around impromptu style last saturday, we still should discuss some stuff, like:

-possible costumes for the halloween critical mass in orlando on friday the 31st. and of course who can go, riding arrangements, and stuff like that. i'm thinking i might go as the red baron, scarf and goggles and all!

-flyers and a rough estimate of the date for the next deland critical mass. tyler and i got some road bicycling folks' phone numbers a week or so ago when we were checking out fnb possibilities in downtown deland. and apparently theres a group fo stetson riders who ride en masse sometimes, and we should find em.

-mystery bike riders! on weekdays i see groups of 8-10 young indian men, probably stetson students?, and they ride by on their bikes and wave excitedly! we need to group up with them too.

-road biking couple - i've been noticing a 30 something couple who ride classy road bikes about town every once in a while--surprisingly, bailey knows where they live and we can bug them about coming to critical mass. sweet!

-food not bombs deland--we're getting it going. we've got two interested restaurants, coffee bistro and bellinis, who may help us out. also important is setting up where we're gonna cook stuff, what we're cooking, possible canned food drives on bike rides, where we're gonna serve stuff, and setting up bike couriering routes and checkpoints and things that might be fun and help us get food making and delivering up and running.
--apparently publix and panera are two biiig bread wasters...thanks dylan! we'll scope this out.

-trash bag messenger bags...we were gonna have a day where we made these but it never happened. apparently tommy has succesfulyl completed one, and i'd like to as well.

so, when is best for you regarding said meeting? let me know!


Monday, October 20, 2008


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Successfully complete a meeting.- FAIL

Sunday, October 12, 2008


this coming saturday, everyone in yabai and everyone in deland who likes to ride bikes should meet at the benches next to the old courthouse in downtown on indiana ave at 4:30 pm!
we can discuss our goals, future rides, possibility of a community run showspace, and anything else!

see you there!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heres a quotable.

I clearly said before we went to the track, "people are going to get hurt tonight".


critical mass overview

yesterday was yabai deland's second critical mass and it was pretty intense! for two weeks prior we put up flyers around stetson, on bike racks, on bikes, on cars, on signs, everything! but we had the same turnout as our friday night frenzy, 9 people, which isn't bad per se but the fact that the flyers didn't help at all is disheartening. according to ramon there were 3 or 4 people waiting around to go on the ride but due to the fact that we're so disorganized and unpunctual they left. what a shame! we did our first dumpster diving behind the health food store chris works at and retrieved a whole bunch vegan beef jerky called stonewall's jerquee


the whole group agreed even the spicy kind tasted like dog food. but we were good sports and ate a surprising amount. haha
we rode to "the track", a place we've taken as our own for bicycle races. it's a circular parking lot at the new courthouse in deland, with a higher level and a lower level and a sloping median and a railing in the middle, and some seriously sharp turns. we had a 7 person race in which i inevitably took a turn ridiculously fast, slid out, and smashed my bike's handlebar- the part which houses the integrated shifter thing on the right side, it's tilted about 45 degrees the wrong way. the fall was gnarly and fun and i got some bloody track rash! after the track claimed its victims ( the track is ridiculously intense) we went to the parking garage and fooled around talking, doing bike tricks, and the like. from there we went to the football stadium to see some homies. tyler, tommy, and chris looked in the dumpsters behind some printing and labelmaking shops for plastic for messenger bags (see "trash treasure" a few posts back) but we found nothing. eventually the last of the stragglers went home and tyler, chris, and i went to chris's house for a little of this

Walker Texas Ranger Pictures, Images and Photos

and this

coco puffs Pictures, Images and Photos
pictures will be up soon!
good times! come out to our next event, which i am thinking will be bike jousting, possibly this saturday? whatcha think?


Thursday, October 9, 2008

For Sale?

I'm selling my BMX bike. It has some pretty good parts on it here and there. The frame is a Federal T-Nez and it has a few dents on it, nothing serious. There are no brakes on it and all the brake mounts have be cut off. You can fix that with some zip ties. I've got a custom primo balance front wheel that is pretty much brand new. Premium handle bars, they are kind of wide. Plastic Odyssey pedals and Odyssey 51 thermal forks. I don't know what the back wheel is, it was given to me. Its got primo cranks and a Shadow seat. Right now it has a tree sprocket, but its bent and haven't put on the Hoffman sprocket I have for it. Make an offer.





-Tyler Legacy

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Orlando Pride Parade

So here's the low-down:

This Sunday's the Orlando Pride Parade at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando. The parade starts at 3:00pm, but they're also having a Coming Out With Pride parade before it at 11:00am. It's gonna be an all-day festival with concerts, speakers, and some big-ass celebrations.

I was gonna definitely go. And a few people I've talked to are interested. So if you wanna go, talk to me soon. As far as getting there, I'd suggest car-pool. I can fit 5 people in my car (including myself). But if we're ballsy enough to bike there... I dunno.

Should be some good times, though.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

story time

hiarchy612 (8:59:30 PM): i almost died 20 minutes oago
DiemChiSaysRelax (9:01:14 PM): why
hiarchy612 (9:01:41 PM): well
hiarchy612 (9:01:51 PM): i decided i wanted to own ferris bullers day off
hiarchy612 (9:02:07 PM): so i rode my bike to wal-mart
hiarchy612 (9:02:22 PM): and i got my movie
DiemChiSaysRelax (9:02:24 PM): k
DiemChiSaysRelax (9:02:27 PM): yeah
hiarchy612 (9:03:10 PM): dont judge me
hiarchy612 (9:03:14 PM): anyways
DiemChiSaysRelax (9:03:21 PM): lmao
hiarchy612 (9:03:24 PM): i was riding back
hiarchy612 (9:03:40 PM): and it started pouring rain as i was man-gearing it down this hill
hiarchy612 (9:04:03 PM): and i hit a puddle and hydroplaned into the grass and fell
hiarchy612 (9:04:08 PM): it was awesome
DiemChiSaysRelax (9:04:27 PM): lmao!!
DiemChiSaysRelax (9:04:30 PM): youre an idiot
hiarchy612 (9:04:35 PM): U

adventure overview

on friday night chris and i rode our bikes to deltona at midnight to hang out with some homies and watch late night tv, including little bear and team america:world police. the ride was long, hard, and ridiculously intense. i for one felt lost a lot of the time, but a text messaged mapquest of directions to the house kept chris in the know. we rode through stretches of woods with no trace of light except the thin sliver of the moon, and you could almost smell the skunk ape. it was an awesome temperature, we had to use bandannas and long sleeved stuff! bring on the autumn air and the late night adventures! and just to remind you, again, don't forget this friday!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trash Treasure

This is something that I'm going to try until I get it right. I encourage everyone to try and make one themselves. I've got the plans down, now just for some trial and error.

This is the place where the guy in this video based his bag off of. Its got some plans and what not so feel free to read over.

This guy made one of eeio's bags and goes into some more depth on the construction. This helped out a lot in the image in my head.


-Tyler Legacy

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


 doesnt even know

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pure love


-Tyler Legacy

Monday, September 29, 2008



i'm printing a heaping helping of flyers and putting them on bike racks at stetson and people's bikes downtown...i strongly encourage you to print some out and go to town! be there!


Friday, September 26, 2008

friday frenzy!

we had a great success tonight with yabai deland's first official "friday frenzy" bike ride. we had nine homies taking up the bikes and hitting dem streetz, a new record for our bike battalion! we rode to orange city via beresford trail once again, and again we heard many a creature stirring in the woods. back in deland, tyler legacy was met up with and an intense downhill race was had! this early autumn air is gnar! i had to whip out the vest. make sure to come to the next frenzy, and critial mass is on october 10th! we can surpass those single digits into the doubles, i know!

we had some dope pixx, but i managed to drop the camera down a storm drain in orange city! bummage. wow!



Saturday, September 20, 2008

fuck the police + friday frenzy



i advise everyone to buy lights, a white one for the front and a red one for the back, from deland cyclery. together it'll be about 20 bucks, which is a lot less than a $100 ticket.

on another note, last night when bailey, chris, and i were riding our bikes and getting messed with by the police, it was an awesome time. and today chris and i did some skateboarding all around town and just carried a skateboard with us wherever we went. shred !

this coming friday is the beginning of a concept called friday frenzy, where those disorganized yabai punks meet at painter's park at a set time after school on certain fridays and ride wherever they want to, spreading the word about bicycling, maybe going to wal mart and not buying anything, and roaming the streets. these rides will be a free ride of sorts, like a break from themed rides like the masquerade ride coming in october, or a bike jousting event in the near future. ask about them.

also, next critical mass is october 10th, 6:30 pm at painter's park (don't call it black wall.) be there!


Thursday, September 18, 2008


chris works til 7, so we're gonna leave at 7:15 pm instead. still meet up at painter's park.

mini bikes +orlando ride update

today, thanks to my wonderful mother (who you may attribute to the delicious oatmeal cookies at our critical mass last friday) and her shopping prowess, yabai now has two mini bikes for bike jousts. as of now they're typical little girls' bikes, and that's fine, but they'd look great with some gnarly spray paint jobs! so if you'd like to decorate them or help decorate them let me know. also, orlando ride is on friday, preferably as soon as high school lets out (3:00 range). we're gonna meet at painter's park mural, behind ace hardware and stingray's (the same place as critical mass). try to be there around 3:30 or so, or as soon as you can make it. i'd recommend bringing food money, money for the republicorpse show (most likely 5 bucks but i'm not sure), food of your own, some clean underwear, whatever you want to bring because we're staying for the night. let's ride...nuf said.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A possible ride to Orlando on Friday (9/19) night? If you're interested in joining or meeting us out there, do it! It should be an awesome ride.


Monday, September 15, 2008

ideas for bike attacks/ bike related ideas

some ideas for rides that ramon, chris, and i discussed are as follows...

masquerade ride: where we each get a costume or mask or something and ride wherever we'd like to go, maybe this would be a dope halloween ride. we were inspired by batman masks at walmart. but if you choose to be batman, steal that mask, don't support wal mart! or, buy it from a local costume shop.

victoria park raft adventure inspired by a mysterious illusion of a land rift in the middle of the pond in victoria park; basically we're ride there with inflatable rafts and walkie talkies and explore the mystery. up the pirates!

nature ride self explanatory. and yet, so vague. who knows where we could go with this.

ride to gainesville i'll ask my sister about staying at her place, this will depend of course on how many people are coming. but it woudl be so gnar!
ride to daytona tyler has a friend whose house we could crash at. and we could skate those dope spots by the beach, and swim!
quest for the lost spring of deltona
classified information. email me if you don't already know.

other important stuff for the near future includes...
getting small bikes for bike jousts
getting v neck shirts and writing our riding names on the back. so far, chris is the cap'n, matt is humanimal, and i'm the red baron.
a location for our bike collective

what do you think?


biketastic weekend overview (you don't have to read this)

so this long winded story is basically just for me, because it was so fun that i'd like to remember it. but feel free to read it. this past weekend was amazing! friday was critical mass, which led into saturday in which me, chris, and ramon rode our bikes to victoria park to rachel's 50s party. we got there early and rode around the burbs, and there was some gazebo chilling, sunset watching, and idea exhanging going on. i had a good time for the 45 minutes or so that we were at the 50s party, especially because of the industrial size tub of sabra roasted red pepper hummus. after said hummus feast, we left via bicycle. we were crossing some grass onto a sidwalk and we sunk in some deep, nasty as frik mud that came out of nowhere. but we braved the busy roads on our way to orange city. we stopped at ali's house after some major fishtailing in sandy roads, but she was busy being lame, so we went to my house and met up with thomas. raising arizona had to be watched, of course. so good. so good. the homies left and the next day i went to orlando with bailey and thomas to a venue called the dungeon to see ted and the bundys and moral decline. ted and the bundys played their best set yet! and the wall of death with the john mccain cutout was siqq as fuh. too bad that venue allows smoking. moral decline was dope, and after the set chris, thomas, bailey, and i went to the blackbox to see what was going on. we signed various petitions and postcards in support of getting bikes for farm workers in central florida. dope! and there was the remains of a vegan potluck sitting in the corner, and chris and i spooned lots of awesome food into our hands and ate it because there were no plates. as it turns out, there were plates, hidden. of course. friday's critical mass was a great start for yabai deland! i took the votran to deland with my bike and met up with tyler and chris at chris's job at the health food store. we had some frozen burritos and left chris to go waste time until 6:30. dustin called, so we met up with him and a man named kel at sina's house. we met thomas at the parking garage and then we all went to painter's pond. all the riders included ramon, matt labelle (who we eventually salvaged from sina's house, he was high as frik and wanted to put a munchies inspired tuna wrap into my backpack which i let happen only because i could tell he put at least 3 cans of tuna into that thing), tyler, dustin, thomas, dan, chris, kel ( not for too long though) and me. and almost justin, but he decided to hang out with dawson at sina's house. we left and decided to go to wachovia for water, which left us with some drama and cops wanting us and just bad feelings all around, so we eventually got everyone together and got out of there on our way to beresford trail, which would take us to orange city. we stopped at a convenience store and noticed the sheer awesomeness of all our bikes combined. chris likes oreos. on our way to the trail, many a dark road were passed and many a dangerous picture were taken! me and t-legs handed off the camera at high speeds, it was ridiculous. also we did our best metal "yups" and pearl-jam, america tpye voices. those hurt, bahaha. upon reaching the park entrance for the trail, matt labelle smashed into a curb and didn't get hurt at all, which was awesome. i was right behind him, it could have been bad. in the dark woods now we started mentioning legendary skunk ape and getting freaked out. to get to the trail, we had to ford through some nasty friking water on our bikes, and there was one point where there was deep water on both sides and a strip of shallower water, we could have been some mucky dudes. we road the trail at high speeds, gallavanting, telling ghost stories with flashlights, and having a jolly time. we made it to the end after lots of night time zooming, and contemplated going into blue spring, but figured it'd be a bit too risky, so we took some pictures on the bridge (chris peed off of it) and went to my house. so many bikes have never graced my hallway, i'll tell you that. we ate food and jammed out to circle takes the square and minor threat. the drums were thrashed too and a mean cover of waterpark was played. hahaha
ramon had a tube problem and due to said problem we did not go to debary for further adventuring but instead back through the trail toward deland after everyone said hello to my mom. haha, yes! along the way, chris, ramon, and thomas were in a separate group in the front, and t-legs, dustin, and i were in the back. at one point we heard terrible screams from up ahead. we were freaked out, but i assumed they were playing a prank on us. when we got out of the trail and all met up, chris, ramon, and thomas said there was a MOUNTAIN LION chasing a bunny alongside them. that was too much for me and we all booked it out of beresford park and made our way back into deland. dan and thomas went home, and me, tyler, chris, and ramon went through stetson passing out veganism flyers and putting them in car windshields and stuff. we gave some to the christian sign holders downtown as well, and i felt bad for them because people were being dicks to them and shouting stuff about satan, and the like. i think that's a little unnecessary, i dunno. but after this, at stetson, we saw some poor frat kid get pushed, bound by his feet and hands, into the stetson fountain. some initiation thing. that's why stetson sucks, kids. haha
ramon went home shortly afterward and tyler and i went to chris' house and ate hummus and watched walker, texas ranger. this could be a weekly tradition, i sure don't mind it. the next morning we went to thomas' work at dunkin donuts and visited him via bicycle, came back to the house, and swam in the pizzool. it was hella fun.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

pictures from c.m. 9/12/08

here's all of them!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Critical Success

bike ride last night was great! there were about 8 people, not bad at all for a first critical mass. pictures will be up soon. 7pm to 2am, gnar! mm, breakfast at chris's house.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


this friday hop on your bike, whether you're riding a mountain bike, a bmx, a comfort bike, a road bike, anything! we're gonna meet at at painter's park ( some of you might know it better as "black wall", but hey, that's a little bit friked up) at 6:30 and ride wherever the wind takes us.

for questions or anything feel free to email me at or myspace is cool too,

tell everyone you know to try to come out!

until next time,