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Friday, July 24, 2009

oh yeah, and

this is a cool website that encompasses the whole movement "dine with dignity" that not only is addressing chipotle but also lots of supermarkets, including publix, about farmworkers' rights.

student-farmworker alliance

don't eat chipotle

"why? their guacamole is delicious! "

i know...but check this out. this is an email i wrote to olias after reading up on this serious human/workers' rights issue that is going on in south florida right now. thanks to yabai orlando for their article about it-

so here's the letter-
so amidst lots of nationwide attention to a group of southern florida tomato picking farmworkers and concessions made to grant them slightly better wages by even the most corrupt of fast food giants like mcdonalds and taco bell, chipotle refuses to recognize a direct plea to ceo steve ellis for better recognition of workers' rights and the injustices wrought upon them by farm-owners, of whom some are known to keep their underpaid, ill-housed workers in a state of modern day slavery. these farmworkers are getting fucked over by chipotle, and this is super hypocritical because chipotle champions itself as a progressive fast food chain, serving hormone-free meat and decorating its walls with mayan-influenced art while ironically ignoring the rights of its workers, many of whom are mayan indians living in south florida. so tell all yr friends that chipotle doesn't deserve their business because they are ignoring some serious human rights violations even when this issue is being directly presented to them by the CIW ( coalition of immokalee workers), a group recognized, like i said earlier, even by the fast food giants who suck the most. step it up chipotle.

here's where i got my information...
nice article on the matter with informative links
the coalition of immokalee workers website, detailing the latest on the chipotle campaign

you may have heard of a movie about the evils of the food industry called food, inc, coming out soon? it might be out in l.a. already. well apparently chipotle is behind it. so they want to paint themselves as a progressive institution while giving the cold shoulder to workers right here in florida who under the thumb of some of the least humane working conditions since slavery in the u.s.

just thought i'd fill you in. you should sign this letter (it's a petition type dealio) written by the CIW to the ceo of chipotle. it takes just a minute.


yeah, i was too lazy to rewrite an article about the same issue. so sign that letter, and if you can be bothered, change it up with your own take on it (they have a template letter for you) so that steve ellis doesn't get bored! ha, ha.

thanks for reading


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Blue Springs Ride

short notice and I don't give. a damn.

Blue spring fun get together ride, this thursday, 11am meet at black wall

Monday, July 13, 2009

Belt Drive Bikes

Yabai yokel Olias reported to me via text (and emails) that in L.A. the new dig is bikes without chains...with belts! Trek has recently released some pricey bikes with toothy belt drives that are apparently more low maintenance than metal chains (yeah) and more durable. (what?)
here's the article.

Oh yeah, and Olias successfully built a bike lighter than mine for $80...and he actually built it. Kudos and props and daps.


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what's up deland?

any rides lately? i think a ride with ramon in the few days that he's in florida is in order.