Tuesday, October 13, 2009

awesome to hear that the nude ride was a great success!! I'm flying back to deland dec 21st, and I'll be bringing my bike with me!!!! there's like a 25% chance that I'll be able to take my audio trailer as well.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bike news::::
Los Angeles is pretty much bike paradise. I'm hangin at a punkass community home that compromises of like 90% guys n gals from bikerowave. this summer were going to japan specifically so we can ride tall bikes around and be gods. I'm sewing a cycling cap with jigglypuff on it. also marijuana is nice. also crankmas was the best thing.

Friday, September 11, 2009


more mischief in the near future. next weekend, afternoon-evening ride?

-on another note yabai deland welcomes back tommy cantwell from a summer of touring. and so the cub returns to the wolf pack! heeharr!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Me and Connor are going to Mr. Bill's Doughnuts off of Woodland in Downtown Deland (near the candy store and the barber shop) before school tomorrow...I'm thinking maybe around 6:45-7:15 range. Chu come?

Saturday, August 29, 2009


im gonna start orgonizing rides
until then
heres a thing i made for you

IN OTHER NEWS I GOT MY IPHONE STOLEN so ill be doing alot less pictures and videos for you guys and generally NOT being on AIM!! sorry i love you!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Group Ride

There must be an actual group ride soon. We've been talking about it for a while but few people show up or it doesn't end up happening. Let's get something together soon.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

oh yeah, and

this is a cool website that encompasses the whole movement "dine with dignity" that not only is addressing chipotle but also lots of supermarkets, including publix, about farmworkers' rights.

student-farmworker alliance

don't eat chipotle

"why? their guacamole is delicious! "

i know...but check this out. this is an email i wrote to olias after reading up on this serious human/workers' rights issue that is going on in south florida right now. thanks to yabai orlando for their article about it- http://jitenshawayabaidesu.blogspot.com/

so here's the letter-
so amidst lots of nationwide attention to a group of southern florida tomato picking farmworkers and concessions made to grant them slightly better wages by even the most corrupt of fast food giants like mcdonalds and taco bell, chipotle refuses to recognize a direct plea to ceo steve ellis for better recognition of workers' rights and the injustices wrought upon them by farm-owners, of whom some are known to keep their underpaid, ill-housed workers in a state of modern day slavery. these farmworkers are getting fucked over by chipotle, and this is super hypocritical because chipotle champions itself as a progressive fast food chain, serving hormone-free meat and decorating its walls with mayan-influenced art while ironically ignoring the rights of its workers, many of whom are mayan indians living in south florida. so tell all yr friends that chipotle doesn't deserve their business because they are ignoring some serious human rights violations even when this issue is being directly presented to them by the CIW ( coalition of immokalee workers), a group recognized, like i said earlier, even by the fast food giants who suck the most. step it up chipotle.

here's where i got my information...

nice article on the matter with informative links

the coalition of immokalee workers website, detailing the latest on the chipotle campaign

you may have heard of a movie about the evils of the food industry called food, inc, coming out soon? it might be out in l.a. already. well apparently chipotle is behind it. so they want to paint themselves as a progressive institution while giving the cold shoulder to workers right here in florida who under the thumb of some of the least humane working conditions since slavery in the u.s.

just thought i'd fill you in. you should sign this letter (it's a petition type dealio) written by the CIW to the ceo of chipotle. it takes just a minute.


yeah, i was too lazy to rewrite an article about the same issue. so sign that letter, and if you can be bothered, change it up with your own take on it (they have a template letter for you) so that steve ellis doesn't get bored! ha, ha.

thanks for reading


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blue Springs Ride

short notice and I don't give. a damn.

Blue spring fun get together ride, this thursday, 11am meet at black wall

Monday, July 13, 2009

Belt Drive Bikes

Yabai yokel Olias reported to me via text (and emails) that in L.A. the new dig is bikes without chains...with belts! Trek has recently released some pricey bikes with toothy belt drives that are apparently more low maintenance than metal chains (yeah) and more durable. (what?)
here's the article.


Oh yeah, and Olias successfully built a bike lighter than mine for $80...and he actually built it. Kudos and props and daps.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what's up deland?

any rides lately? i think a ride with ramon in the few days that he's in florida is in order.

Monday, June 22, 2009

LA is a good place to be. I'm thinking of taking pictures of all the neat bikes I'm surrounded by and posting one or two weekly.

Friday, June 26th.
Meet up at Painter's Pond, Aka'd Black Wall

It's going to be about a six mile ride there.
Details on the actual spring are still a bit shady, all I know at this point is that Gold Springs road is where it is. I haven't seen it yet. I'll try to find more details about it before we meet up Friday.

Bring swimmin' junk, people, and good spirits.

Monday, June 8, 2009

"now that's alot of money!!" AKA BIG CHALKIN

What a night and what a day and what a night and day once more!! Who is that knocking on your door? It's yabai!! Hit the floor!!
We rode and we rhode, and then we rouhd some more! Some brats and boys and cats w/toys went around good old DBiz City and made some cute chalk art! Lately we have done fun things with small groups, so lets feed this bitch & get her big! OK?? We gave a cool boarder a lift, ditched some smelly checkers punks, slept at a grandma's house, and best of all FRIENDSHIP happened all day!! More things include messy pancakes, lots of cookies, breakfast of icecream or toast or oatmale, also we like burrities!! We wore each others underwear and then I wore granpa's skidmarked panties. Fun was had by all, and all had by fun was.

pictures are on myspace.com/eliased
those are out of the 200+ pictures that were taken for archival reasons.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'd like to clear up some misconceptions about FNB

Lots of people who i like and respect have criticized the idea that Food Not Bombs, specifically the up and coming Food Not Bombs Deland, only serves vegetarian food. I can see how to some people it might seem like a pretentious move by some self-involved elitists. Basically, rather than disrespecting people who eat meat, FNB is trying to promote what i and other people see as a reasonable and more sustainable diet for the planet. For one thing, while we're carting them around in the hot Florida sun, meat products are hard to keep fresh and out of the "temperature danger zone" in which harmful bacteria can grow and pose a safety hazard. And by serving vegetarian meals, we're humbly avoiding support of the meat industry which is undeniably responsible for largely wasted plant resources through cycling edible products through commercial farm animals, obscene amounts of greenhouse gas emissions (A 2006 United Nations report found that the meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all the SUVs, cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined), and the appalling deforestation of the world's last great tropical rainforest at the hands of cattle ranching. We're not preaching not to eat meat, but simply sharing more environmentally sustainable vegetarian food and the option of vegetarian cooking. Rather than snatching up meat products from hungry hands, FNB aims to serve all the food it can, meat or not, while leaning toward vegetarian meals that statistically leave a lesser dent in the world's resources. The FNB website put it best: "At times, we do serve already prepared dairy and meat products which are donated to us because we believe eating is more important than being politically correct; however, we do not cook with animal products." Serving vegetarian food is not meant to be an insult to homeless people who aren't privileged kids getting their moms to buy boca burgers for them, it's meant to feed the hungry while taking a stand against a system that is responsible for negative environmental effects on the local community and the world.


these views do not necessarily reflect those of everyone in yabai deland.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bike games

this seems like a great idea for a yabai event. i'm thinking bike tag, bike capture the flag, and someday bike jousting ( i know i talk about this a lot, it's hard to scrounge up a lot of pvc pipe and boxing gloves it seems). what do you think about organizing a yabai summer fun games day? it could also be a picnic. the new chess park in downtown deland off of indiana is beautiful and some yabaiers have already had a bike picnic/meetin there.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


yesterday's ride was deadly! and by this there were no fewer than three bike-on-bike collisions, and one was a three bike pileup caused by yrs truly. that 3 biker crash managed to bend tyler and chelsie's rims, so the seven of us hung out on this classy residential median near stone street trying to get cars to slip on bananas and riding bikes backwards and having bike races while bailey took the two damaged rims to bike shop teddy for some quick fixing. while he as out olias and i picked up some bananas and oranges from his house, and we cam back and rolled out to beresford trail. i love said trail...something about being between the railroad tracks and the forest and the river makes me feel right at home, some time in the 1800s, being fugitives on horseback or maybe those sweet bikes with the massive front wheels from that time. the water was cold and foreboding but we all jumped in and met up with zach canova and glenn. the boil now has two downed trees for chilling pleasure. we hung around talking and enjoying ourselves, and despite our fears we swam back after drying so nicely on the trees, and bailey and i headed out while chris, olias, josh, chelsie, and tyler piled their bikes into chelsie's mom's pickup and went to deland. great ride! i'm excited to welcome two new and hopefully regular riders, chelsie and josh. another ride soon? where to? hit me!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

deleon springs ride 3/21/09

this ride was a ton of fun. 10 rowdy rough riders roaming rural roads and then swimming in the fountain of youth, i couldn't ask for anything more. when's the next ride gonna be? i'm thinking maybe next weekend (for clarity, not this coming one but the one after next week)
i'll keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009


for sanford via bicycle in and hour maybe. call me

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


blog. it shall be read and enjoyed.
yes that is spelled correctly

Friday, January 30, 2009


Need to organize a ride. It has been way too long.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

its been a while

and i have nothing interesting to say so here is some entertainment

this is awesome^


if we had this sign ^ in florida i would've been forewarned and would have avoided a flip over some handle bars

we're still alive

it's true! sorry for our month long hiatus. thomas managed to get his college english class to bring in cans for food not bombs, and last night t-legs shouted out to food not bombs and asked for help. i don't know where the lines between the deltona metal scene and people excited about fnb meet, but i bet they do somewhere. in other news, chris has a fixed gear from mission bicycle co, it's beautiful...and brakeless. and we have had the honor of riding with matt cantwell, tommy's brother, so our numbers are growing! expect a group ride in the future as well as a food not bombs meeting...we have connections with the stetson station coffee shop now and we may be getting their "older" baked goods. thanks nathaniel!

keep in touch, deland.